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Areas of Practice

Wills, Trusts, & estates

Asset planning is an important step in securing your family's future. Lack of a will or trust will leave your assets to the plan of distribution set out in the State statutes, rather than your wishes. A well crafted will or trust offers the peace of mind in knowing that your life time of hard work will be protected. We will work with you to craft an appropriate plan for your assets. We will take time to get to know you and understand your goals, and we will ensure that your wishes are achieved.

We strive to offer the most efficient, timely, and user friendly estate administration available. Our years of experience allow us to expedite the process whether through Supervised, Unsupervised, or Small Estate Administration.

real estate

Real Estate transactions often present complications due to the nature of property that has been transferred many times across centuries. We have the experience to sort these issues out, and solve any problem that comes up in your real estate transaction. We are also prepared to handle your transactions from the beginning, to avoid issues and ensure a smooth, efficient process. Some of the real estate services we provide include deeds, sales contracts and purchase agreements, easements, zoning and land use planning, residential and commercial leases, quiet title actions, liens, mortgages and foreclosures, real estate closings, tax free exchanges, and tax sales.

Elder Law - medicaid and social security

Later in life our clients often encounter challenges related to such things as medical services, finances, and personal care. These challenges can be overwhelming faced alone. We guide our clients through them with a careful and steady hand. Whether ensuring eligibility for Medicaid or navigating the complexities of Social Security benefits, we are here to ensure that you will always have the support and care that you deserve.

family law

If your family is divided through divorce or legal separation, you need an advocate who will look out for your best interests and the best interests of your children. That is our focus. We will work diligently for child support, child custody, and parenting time arrangements that will protect and benefit your kids. We will make sure that property and debts are settled in a way that is fair to you. Importantly, we will strive to find long term solutions that help you put a difficult experience behind you and move on with a happy and healthy life.

adoption & guardianship

At times when an individual is unable to look after their own affairs due to minority, age, or incompetency, and when alternative legal options have not been previously established, a court-established guardianship may be appropriate to look after personal affairs, health, and finances. We will help you determine whether such a guardianship is necessary, and if so, we will help you navigate the process and get it established.

One of the most enjoyable legal proceedings that we undertake is to assist in making "legal" the parent-child relationship between a child and a step-parent, or to assist in matching wonderful parents with loving homes to children through private adoption.

Corporate/business Transactions

Whether you are in the beginning stages of a start-up business, navigating an acquisition to further expand your established company, or working through any other phase of a business transaction, we offer the support you need. As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we have the experience and passion you want on your side.

Business services include purchase/sale agreements, stock agreements, business transfer planning, formation of your LLC or corporation, collecting delinquent accounts, and many other business-related matters.

record expungement

The State of Indiana has taken great steps by providing persons who have made mistakes, and been convicted of a crime, a second chance. Through expungement, your criminal record may be able to be sealed from public view, allowing you to take advantage of protections against employers or landlords discriminating based upon that long ago mistake. Contact us when you're ready to put the past behind you - we'll explain the process and guide you through each step.

If you've been arrested but were not charged or convicted of a crime, that arrest record is likely still available for the public to view. Arrest records can also be expunged. We're happy to help you get that done.