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Annual Albion-Opoly Event

The courthouse square in Albion was transformed in to a life-sized Monopoly board last Friday, and Atz Law Office was there to take part. The annual event is organized by the Albion S.T.A.R. Team Promotions Committee. Now in it's 6th year, Albion-Opoly serves as both a great community gathering and a program fund-raiser that's provided bike racks around the courthouse and way markers around town directing visitors to local landmarks such as Chain O' Lakes State Park.

Atz Law Office was proud to serve as an event sponsor. Attorney Doug Atz and his wife Deedra had a great time creating our team's life-size playing piece (check out the photos), and even more fun playing Albion-Opoly with the rest of the community. The best playing piece award went to another great team, but we're looking forward to giving it another shot next year!